Cute Baby Elephant Attempts to Rouse Sleeping Sibling in Kruger National Park, South Africa

A fascinating incident occurred recently in Kruger National Park, South Africa, where a playful baby elephant tried to wake up his sleeping older sibling just for fun. The delightful moment was captured by a tourist on a safari in the national park. This interaction highlights one of the four personality traits of African elephants that scientists have identified – their playful nature. The sight of elephants lying flat on their sides is unusual, mostly seen among younger elephants who enjoy taking a nap in this unique position. However, on this particular day, the younger elephant’s desire for playtime took precedence over his sibling’s wish for a peaceful snooze in the sun.


A lively young African elephant is seen playfully trying to wake up his older brother in a video captured by NewsFlare. The energetic youngster fearlessly climbs on top of his drowsy sibling, using his front legs to nudge him awake. Although the older elephant remains unfazed by his playful antics and continues to nap, the younger elephant persists in his efforts to engage him in play. Eventually, the persistent prodding pays off when the older brother finally wakes up, looking slightly confused by the unexpected interruption.


In a touching moment caught on camera at Kruger National Park, one elephant seems to give up and appears disoriented while his brother persists in bothering him. This heartwarming scene offers a different perspective from the harsher realities of wildlife encounters. However, it’s important to remember that nature can be brutal, as demonstrated by a recent event witnessed by tourists where a group of lions attacked a lone water buffalo.

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